Camel Jackets and Fall Mix Well

Despite the cold weather that seems to accompany Fall, warm colours like camel or tan always feel classic for this time of year.

If I were a poet I’d feel compelled to write an ode to tan. But as many ways as there are to do it right, there are equal amount of ways to do it wrong. The camel jacket with jeans = right. The camel jacket, with camel dress, tan shoes and bag = dear-lord-what-are-you-thinking-you-monochromatic-person.

Adorable camel jacket with a red sweater dress. Posted by Fashion Climaxx

I love this for so many reasons. Though typically, the gals from Fashion Climaxx tend to over-sensationalize the plastic pump or the overly glittery cell phone case, but this look strikes a nice balance between vibrant colour and soft neutrals.  It’s not too over the top, which is nice and arguably what makes this outfit classy.

I also adore Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. She finds a way to make an “on-trend” piece – such as the cropped trench coat – seem less hoaky by pairing it with a very femme, striped shirt and finished it off with a nice wide-leg jean.

Cropped trench jacket, with stripped blouse and wide legged jeans. Posted by Wendy’s Lookbook.

I was so inspired by this classic piece that I decided to pull together an outfit today for my very last meeting with my internship mentor.

Camel coat with navy/white stripped dress. Boots from Aldo.

Higher quality image

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